Minutes Matter
Minutes Matter
Fastest access in the region
Fastest access in the region
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Emergency Services Doctors

All of our ER facilities are staffed with board certified doctors and specially trained nursing staff using the latest medical technology.

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Roper Hospital, Roper Hospital ER - Northwoods & Mount Pleasant Hospital

Frank. H. Barnes, MD
Joseph R. Bianco, MD 
Scott B. Burns, MD
Francis A. Clarkson, MD
David Z. Dalu, MD
Stephen L. Daniel, MD
Michael T. Dorrity, MD
J. Matthew Jenkins, MD
Noelle Jennings, MD
Patrick J. Kelly, MD
Daniel Lewis, MD
Christopher C. Line, MD

R. Hunter Louis, MD
Cameron J. Maile, MD
Christopher B. Moe, MD
G. Edward Rodelsperger, MD
John F. Walters, MD 


Bon Secours Francis Hospital

Haley Carter, MD
Jon Carter, MD
Manoj Chag, MD
Aaron Cutshaw, MD
Steven A. Feingold, MD

M. Frederick Gitter, MD
Mark Hansen, MD
William Kanich, MD

Adam Mandel, MD
Dennis McGill, MD
Theodore K. Paraschos, MD
Geoffrey E. Renk, MD
Rebecca Rupp, MD
Steven Taylor, MD

Roper Hospital ER - Berkeley

Robert Anders, MD
Peter Brady, MD
Michael Dorrity, MD
Jamie Kuo, MD
Carl Potts, MD
Ronald Turner Jr., MD