Minutes Matter
Minutes Matter
Fastest access in the region
Fastest access in the region
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What to Expect at Our Emergency Rooms

At Roper St. Francis, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality healthcare to each patient. In the Emergency room a triage system is used to assign each patient into categories based on the severity of the injury or illness - critical, emergent, urgent or non-urgent.

Patients arriving by EMS from Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties with a major heart attack will have their 12-lead EKG (heart monitor) readings transmissioned directly to the Roper St. Francis ER location they will be transported for emergency care. This will allow our medical professionals to more quickly diagnose and treat heart attack victims once they arrive to the facility.

Patients arriving by ambulance are triaged in route and may be taken straight to an exam room upon arrival. All other patients are assessed by a triage nurse at check-in. Since patients are seen based on the severity of their injury or illness and not on the order of arrival, wait times may be unpredictable, especially during busy times. Rest assured all our patients will receive the best care possible.


  • Patient is assessed by a triage nurse upon arrival
  • Patients with a critical or emergent injury or illness are taken immediately to an exam room
  • Patients with urgent or non-urgent needs are seen as a doctor becomes available


  • Once in the exam room, a nurse does a preliminary assessment of each patient
  • A board certified emergency medicine doctor sees each patient 
  • The doctor may order lab or imaging tests based on the nature of the problem
  • The nurse, doctor, and the rest of the ER team coordinate with the imaging and lab departments to provide all the testing and care


  • On completion of tests, the doctor will discuss the results, diagnosis and treatment
  • Written instructions are provided to each patient outlining follow-up care and any necessary prescriptions
  • Each patient is encouraged to follow-up with their private doctor or healthcare clinic
  • In some situations, patients may be admitted to the hospital for additional treatment