Bloodless Medicine
Bloodless Medicine
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Non-Blood Management Techniques and Medical Alternatives

Minimally invasive surgery and meticulous surgical techniques: Surgical instruments and techniques specially designed to minimize blood loss by using the smallest or most efficient incisions.

Argon Beam Coagulator: Coagulates or clots blood during surgery to minimize blood loss.

Autologous Blood: Patient donates their own blood for use in surgery.

Blood Salvage / Cell Saver: A device that recycles a patient’s own blood that is lost during surgery on a continuous circuit.

Endoscopic Surgery: Useful inside the body cavities or GI tract.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber: Delivers high concentrations of oxygen levels in the blood of pre/post surgical patients with very low hemoglobin or radiation injury.

Laser Surgical Techniques: Helps create a bloodless surgical field.

Oximetry: Non-invasively tracks oxygen levels during and after surgical procedures.

Synthetic Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents: Stimulates the patient's bone marrow to produce red blood cells, often done prior to surgery.

CyberKnife:  A "knifeless" stereotactic radio-surgery system for treating lesions in the brain and body.

Please note, not all patients in this program will have all options available to them based on their individual circumstances.