Quality diagnostic services
Quality diagnostic services
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Physican Portal

Physician Portal is Roper St. Francis’s safe and secure web-based application that allows doctors access to their patient’s hospital information via the Internet, making patient monitoring possible from your doctor’s office or home. Anyone on active medical staff at a Roper St. Francis facility or those who use Roper St. Francis labs and other clinical services can use the Physician Portal.

Our physician portal and Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) have revolutionized the way doctors monitor patient information, increasing the speed with which reports are documented and the accuracy of clinical records.

In critical care areas, patient monitoring and documentation systems are now interfacing so doctors can monitor patient stats, such as blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart rhythms in real time. With PACS, radiology results are digitally available in minutes via Portal. Images can be magnified, enhanced and even manipulated to be viewed in 3-D. Doctors can access Portal at their convenience to get records without having to wait for them to be faxed to or filed by Medical Records.