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Every moment matters
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Nursing Scholarship Program

The purpose of the Roper St. Francis Healthcare (RSFH) General Nursing Scholarship initiative is to financially support continued education and development of high performing, exemplary staff nurses and students to meet a specific strategic need (i.e. hard to fill nursing positions or educational goals) for the RSFH system.

General Nursing Scholarship Application


Medical Society Nursing Scholars Programs

The vision fo the Medical Society of South Carolina's (MSSC) Nursing Scholars Program is to support advanced education and research internships of registered nurses (RNs) enhancing expert care for patients. RNs who hold advanced degrees, or are involved in research, are more readily prepared to engage in positive inter-professional relationships, which ultimately benefits patient care. This scholarship will enhance Roper Saint Francis Healthcare system’s ability in filling critical work force needs by advancing excellence in nursing.

MSSC Nursing Scholars Program Application- Academic


MSSC Nursing Scholars Program Application- Research


Mail the scholarship application packet to:

Clinical Technician
Professional Development
Roper Hospital
316 Calhoun St.
Charleston, SC 29401

For additional information on the Roper St. Francis Nursing Scholarship Program call Professional Development at (843) 763-2699 ext 10.