Breast Microsurgery
Breast Microsurgery
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Breast Reconstruction

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is one of only a few centers in the country offering cutting-edge microsurgical breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients. This muscle-sparing method uses skin and soft tissue removed at mastectomy and soft living tissue borrowed from the skin and fatty tissue of the abdomen or buttocks to reconstruct the breast. 

Using these advanced techniques, any breast size can be reconstructed and restored to a natural contour. Bilateral reconstruction is especially amenable to our muscle sparing techniques. Reconstruction can take place simultaneous to mastectomy, or at a later time.

“During my stay at St. Francis Hospital for DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction I received excellent care and support. To say that I was nervous and anxious going into this procedure was an understatement. However, all the people my husband and I encountered over the course were very professional, caring, and sincerely reassuring.  We feel that we had the absolute best experience possible. Thank you!”  -  E. Bleiler