Center for Limb Salvage
Center for Limb Salvage
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Comprehensive medical staff of board certified vascular surgeons & interventional radiologists offering the latest in surgical and endovascular revascularization techniques:



Minimally invasive endovascular therapy is often an option in the care of Critical Limb Ischemia. Roper St. Franics has the full complement of endovascular treatments available. The treatment recommended depends on the location and severity of the blockages

A tiny balloon is inserted through a puncture in the groin. The balloon is inflated one or more times, using a saline solution, to open the artery.

Cutting balloon
A balloon imbedded with micro-blades is used to dilate the diseased area. The blades cut the surface of the plaque, reducing the force necessary to dilate the vessel.

Metal mesh tubes that provide scaffolding are left in place after an artery has been opened using a balloon angioplasty.

  • Balloon-expanded: A balloon is use to expand the stent. These stents are stronger but less flexible.
  • Self-expanding: Compressed stents are delivered to the diseased site. They expand upon release. These stents are more flexible.

Laser atherectomy
Small bits of plaque are vaporized by the tip of a laser probe.

Directional atherectomy
A catheter with a rotating cutting blade is use to physically remove plaque from the artery, opening the flow channel.  

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) is a mode of therapy in which the patient breathes 100% oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric (sea level) pressure. HBO therapy involves the systemic delivery of oxygen at levels two to three times greater than atmospheric pressure. Roper St. Francis has board certified hyperbaric medicine doctors and the only hyperbaric center in South Carolina to be accredited with distinction. 

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Normatec Pump

Multi-cell inflatable boots (or sleeves) are placed around the legs or arms and rhythmically inflated and deflated to carefully prescribed pressures. Stagnant fluid in the affected limb is promptly mobilized via the patented Peristaltic Pulse pneumatic waveform. Roper St. Francis is the only center in the southeast offering this therapy. 

Wound Care

Certified wound care staff offering all treatment modalities:

Wound Vac “V.A.C.®” (Vacuum Assisted Closure®)
V.A.C.® Therapy is a system that uses controlled negative pressure (vacuum) to promote wound healing. Clinical studies demonstrate that the V.A.C.® System helps remove infectious materials and other fluids from the wound.

Artificial Grafts
Similar to human skin, Apligraf® consists of living cells, proteins and skin healing substances. Apligraf® is not another ointment or dressing. It is designed as a ‘living’ skin patch that replicates the healing function of healthy human skin. Apligraf® helps the skin naturally regenerate itself.

Silver Impregnated Dressings
This dressing incorporates both a silver-based antimicrobial agent to kill infection causing microbes in the dressing and Active Fluid ManagementTM that transfers drainage away from the wound without wound bed disturbance.

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