Elevating surgical precision
Elevating surgical precision
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O-arm® = Better Outcomes

The O-arm® Imaging System is an imaging technology that gives surgeons "a better way to see" during surgery. It allows the surgeon to make fewer and smaller incisions, precisely navigate delicate areas like the spinal cord, confidently place screws and align joints, and minimize pain and recovery time. In addition, the O-arm® System provides a live image of anatomy during surgery.

How it Works

The O-arm® forms a ring around your body. The ring then rotates to take 2-D fluoroscopy (real time moving x-rays) and 3-D images around the body. The O-arm® also has a navigational component, like a GPS, that allows your surgeon to track instruments in relation to your anatomy, monitor the anatomy itself and quantify soft tissue balancing. This type of navigation is vital when working in areas such as the brain and spinal cord where accurate instrument placement is critical.

Surgery with the O-arm® Imaging System enables your surgeon to:

  • Navigate more precisely through delicate anatomy at exactly the right angle
  • Use smaller and fewer incisions
  • Preserve healthy tissue
  • Minimize complications, pain, recovery time and the need for repeat procedures

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