Surgical procedures
Surgical procedures
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Prior to Surgery at Roper St. Francis

Prior to Surgery

Thank you for choosing Roper St. Francis for your healthcare needs. We realize you may have concerns and we encourage you to ask questions or inform the staff of any special needs you may have.

Pre-admission Testing
Pre-admission testing is necessary for all patients to enable us to provide the highest level of care, prevent delays and even possible cancellations on the day of surgery. Patients will need recent lab work (within 30 days) and some may be required to have other testing done before being cleared for their upcoming surgery. Your doctor or a nurse will give you instructions on what testing is necessary.

A parent or legal representative must accompany a minor (anyone under the age of 18) to his or her preadmission
testing appointment and on the day of surgery. Please let the pre-admission nurse know if the patient is not competent to give consent for treatment.

For pre-admission testing, please call:
Roper Hospital and Roper St. Francis Medical Center Berkeley
(843) 965-8205


Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital
(843) 402-1425

Prior to your procedure you need to pre-register. You may pre-register online at your convenience or call (843) 402-5100 to speak with a representative.


One Day Before Your Surgery
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes water, ice, coffee, candy, gum and chewing tobacco.
  • Make arrangements for someone to bring you to the hospital, take you home and stay with you at home.
  • If you have a cold, fever, infection or any other health-related problem, be sure to inform your doctor as soon as possible before your scheduled surgery.
  • NO alcoholic beverages 18 hours before your surgery.
  • NO smoking after midnight.

The Day of Your Surgery
  • Bring a list of all medications you are currently taking.
  • Bring your insurance card and co-pay.
  • Take medications as instructed by your nurse.
  • Do not wear jewelry or bring other valuables.
  • Do not wear makeup or perfume.
Arriving at the Hospital

A nurse or pre-registration representative will give instructions for when and where to report. If you are being admitted to the hospital after your surgery and you have an overnight bag with you, please leave the bag in the car until a room has been assigned.


About Advance Directives

If you have Advance Directives such as a Living Will or a Healthcare Power of Attorney and you would like to have this on file at the hospital, please provide a copy during the admission process. If you would like information about either of these documents, please call our Patient Representative at 724-2965.


Insurance Coverage

Your surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist and pathologist will bill you or your insurance company separately. If you are a member of a managed care network, please make sure that your doctor and anesthesiologist are members of the managed care network.

If you have questions regarding your surgeon’s participation in a particular provider network, please call your surgeon.


Questions Regarding:  
Pre-Admission Testing (843) 965-8205
Pre-Registration/Financial Arrangements (843) 402-5100
Billing/Customer Service (843) 402-5200
Anesthesia Services at Roper Hospital (843) 724-2735
Anesthesia Services at Bon Secours St. Francis (843) 402-1436