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Make Every Moment Matter
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Green Facts

Going Green

Many steps were taken to reduce the environmental impact of the Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital: 

  • Almost half of the hospitals grounds, a total of 38 acres, are located on protected wetlands and woodlands.
  • The property is beautifully landscaped and includes medicinal, butterfly and prayer gardens. The vegetation includes native plantings that require less irrigation, maintenance, fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Many of the materials used in construction contain recycled content including acoustical ceiling tiles, steel, carpet and wooden doors.
  • Wherever possible and appropriate, natural light has been introduced to reduce consumption of electricity.
  • A sophisticated domestic water heating system is in place that will greatly reduce the amount of natural gas needed to heat water.
  • We are working with a professional arborist on the health and maintenance of our trees.
  • Finally, the trees removed from site were sold to the local paper mill, redirecting recyclable resources back to the manufacturing process and diverting it from landfills.