Ryan White Program
Ryan White Program
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Ryan White Program Information


To be eligible for services through the program, an enrollee must be HIV positive and meet federal income guidelines. People with or without health insurance may be eligible for the services we provide.

Rights and Responsibilities

As a client of the Ryan White Part C HIV Care Management Program, you have certain rights and responsibilities.


  • To be treated with respect and consideration
  • To receive equal and unbiased treatment in accordance with all federal and state laws
  • To have all medical information treated within the guidelines of HIPAA
  • To have all needed information about the Care Program explained to you 
  • To receive culturally and linguistically appropriate care and information appropriate for you.



  • To be honest with staff about income and insurance coverage
  • To ask questions until you understand 
  • To complete your yearly re-enrollment in a timely manner *
  • To provide staff with all necessary information to ensure you receive appropriate services
  • To treat all staff with respect and consideration


* Federal guidelines for the Ryan White Part C grant requires a yearly re-enrollment. Failure to complete this could result in loss of coverage for medical care