Make Every Moment Matter
Make Every Moment Matter
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Pediatric Patient Resources

We encourage patients to take advantage of the numerous educational and support resources available on children's health, including helpful video presentations, useful Web sites, classes and events, wellness tools and educational materials.

Classes and Events

One of our many missions at Roper St. Francis Healthcare is to provide information and education designed to promote health and wellness to our patients and throughout our community. We accomplish this through classes, programs and special events such as health fairs. To view upcoming classes visit our calendar of events.  


Health Library

Roper St. Francis' comprehensive library and guide covering common health topics. Get the latest information on diseases and conditions, medical procedures, healthy lifestyles, medications and daily health news. Learn more.


Helpful Links

American Association of Poison Control Centers, (800) 222-1222
Palmetto Poison Center
American Academy of Pediatrics 
American Medical Association, (703) 299-0150
Attention Deficit Disorder, (843) 747-5831
Autism Society of America, (800) 328-8476
Carolina Children's Charity, (843) 763-2640
Carolina Youth Development, (843) 744-5358
Caring Connection, (843) 792-0669
Center for Disease Control
Celebral Palsy, (800) 872-5827
Child Safety Council, (800) 327-5107    
Cleft Palate Association, (800) 242-5338
Consumer Product Safety Division
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, (800) 344-4823
Downs Syndrome Society, (843) 795-9262 or (800) 221-4602
Dyslexia Research Foundation, (800) 824-7323
Easter Seal Society, (800) 221-6827
Family Fun: Great Ideas. Practical Advice.
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, (800) 223-1138
Little People of America (Dwarfism), (800) 243-9273 
March of Dimes, (914) 428-7100       
Parent Stages
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration 
Reye's Syndrome Foundation, (800) 233-7393
Spina Bifida Foundation, (800) 994-9662        
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), (843) 720-1200 or (800) 868-4916


Multimedia Library 

Our multimedia library offers an extensive collection of videos and animations on children health and related topics. To view videos, animations and podcasts on children's health visit our mulitmedia library.


Wellness Tools

Easy-to-use tools that give you a snapshot of your likelihood to develop common conditions. Get insight into your health with informative quizzes, risk assessments and calculators. They're fun, quick, and give you important information for managing your health.